Savanna's Story

A car accident left Savanna unable to walk and talk. With her family by her side, she immediately began intensive rehabilitation at Nationwide Children's Hospital and the journey towards recovery.

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Savanna's Story

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Paul's Story - When the Morgans adopted Paul, they were up for a challenge of parenting a child with special needs. After talking to Dr. Richard Kirschner, Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, about his nationally recognized team of experts, the Morgans knew that Nationwide Children's could provide comprehensive care so Paul will have every chance for success in life.

Vansh's Story - 13% of pregnancies result in preterm birth. That’s why Nationwide Children’s Hospital has partnered with The Ohio State University Medical Center to form a first-of-its-kind research collaborative. What we learn from patients, like Vansh, and their families, could help our scientists discover ways to prevent, diagnose and treat preterm birth and its complications.

Hannah's Story - By turning to Nationwide Children’s Urgent Care to treat Hannah’s broken arm, her family not only got physicians and nurses who are specially trained to care for kids, they also had all the resources of Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Andreas' Story - Andreas’ concussions took him out of school and sports. His family turned to Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine Concussion Clinic because of their unique expertise in caring for young athletes like him.

Trey's Story - Trey had 50 seizures a day, known as epileptic spasms. When medications didn’t work, his family turned to the epilepsy surgery team at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Valerie's Story - When Valerie was diagnosed with melanoma, she benefited from Nationwide Children's Hospital's team approach to treating cancer.

Nick's Story - When Nick began complaining of stomach pain, his parents trusted the pediatric experts. Doctors at Nationwide Children’s Urgent Care in Dublin recognized the signs of a more serious problem and got Nick the help he needed, quickly.

Ian's Story - When medications couldn’t heal Ian’s failing heart, the team at Nationwide Children’s Hospital led his family through the long and difficult journey to transplant.

Sophie's Story - When Sophie was born with her small and large intestines outside her abdomen, she had to have multiple surgeries to correct the life-threatening condition. Her parents leaned on Nationwide Children's Hospital for the support and care she needed.

Jordan's Story - A cyst behind Jordan's eye meant frequent trips to the emergency department and the possibility of losing his eye. His family was told that surgery was too dangerous to risk. Then they turned to Nationwide Children's Hospital, where a breakthrough procedure offered new hope for a cure.

Isaiah's Story - Isaiah's autism made it tough to communicate, but his urgent care physician at Nationwide Children's Close To Home knew what to look for. Her diagnosis helped save his life.

Sara's Story - When chemotherapy wasn't enough to keep the cancer in Sara's leg from spreading, a difficult measure was taken to save her life. Her family leaned on Nationwide Children's Hospital to help them through their challenging journey.

Jasmine's Story - The X-ray came back normal, but Nationwide Children's Sports Medicine physicians still suspected a stress fracture was to blame for Jasmine's pain. They were right.

Marcyana's Story - When a scan revealed Marcyana had a large tumor, Neurosurgeons at Nationwide Children's Hospital knew they had to operate. Unfortunately, Marcyana's tumor was in her brainstem -- one of the most difficult places to operate.

Jackson's Story - When a little pill becomes a big problem…

Josh & Rachel's Story - Siblings Josh and Rachel both turned to Nationwide Children's Ear, Nose & Throat specialists to help them breathe easier.

Rylan's Story - Rylan was born at 22 weeks…just 10 inches long, weighing in at just one pound. This is his journey.

Benjamin's Story - Within hours of bringing Benjamin to the urgent care at Nationwide Children's Westerville Close To HomeSM Center, his mother was on her way to the hospital to have Ben admitted. Ben's urgent care doctor suspected Kawasaki disease a rare but serious condition.

Cole's Story - When Cole tore his ACL playing football, he was told surgery might not be an option since he was still growing. But Nationwide Children's offered a unique surgical procedure that helped get Cole back in the game safely.

Tekoa's Story - When Tekoa's parents learned that he would be born with a heart problem requiring surgery, they boarded a plane from Vacaville, California to Columbus, OH to meet with Nationwide Children's extraordinary team of heart surgeons and neonatologists for help.